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The slow and quiet process of making something by hand is filled with meaning from the moment an idea comes to light...

right up to the moment you gaze over the final creation to see it reflect back the essence of a story that was once laying within, waiting to be expressed. It can be incredibly intimate.

Honey for the soul.

IN the studio

These expressions are as pure as a simple thought, a momentary curiosity, a distant memory or place. I translate these thoughts into the clay, taking care to shape each piece by hand with patience and dedication. The handmade nature of the pieces hold imperfections born from the making process and I seek to capture those moments in the clay rather than cover them up. Thumb marks in shaping a surface, a wobble or bump indenting the soft clay at the moment the piece is lifted off the wheel and placed on a shelf to dry.

I love that these markings can endure. They evoke a sense of story, a journey, a moment beyond time, something to be held and treasured.

A gentle reminder to be at peace with our own imperfections.




My CURRENT works

Pieces available in a custom glaze. Get in touch to shoot the breeze. Colour me pretty!

Mudstone platter #1

Alabaster, Green Tea on a speckled white clay body - $150

300mm x250mm

Rockpool bowl

Sea Salt on speckled white clay body - $145

150mm Diameter

Lunar Platter #1

Alabaster, Green Tea on a speckled white clay body - $180

400mm x300mm

Hand built coils

For blooms


layered Vase

Birch on a speckled white clay $150

SnowGum Vase

Alabaster on a speckled white clay $150


Pieces are available to order in a range of glaze colours. Get in touch to discuss.

What ruffles your truffles?

Dimensions on enquiry.


Alabaster, Green Tea, Speckled White, Robin's Egg, Black Walnut, Matt White or Black, Abalone, Birch & Sea Salt to name a few…





cups and Small Bowls


Mudstone Platter in Shino Demin


Plates - A range of sizes and glazes

$35 - $120



Salt and Pepper dishes (2) $45

Mudstone Platter Alabaster $160

what i do

IN the MUD


An earthy and messy medium, clay extends connection to the natural world...

where I always find beauty, complexity - endless inspiration for these human expressions.

Perhaps the most meaningful moments in the studio process are the lessons. The patience, dedication and self discovery.

As you look deeper, you discover more.

Dry clay mud texture drought global warming


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Pambula NSW

Pambula NSW

Firing service

coming soon

Lochiel NSW




Session One: Building - 2 hours (plus set up and clean up)

Explore the art of hand-building. I will guide you through techniques to create unique pieces that express your style. Your pieces will be bisque fired (once bone dry) in the studio & returned for the glazing session.

Session Two: Glazing - 2 hours (plus set up and clean up)

Get creative with colour and design. I will glaze fire and return the pieces to a designated location for easy collection and reflection.


Hand-building at Home

Explore Your Creativity with Clay

Clay Pinch Pot and Tools in Artist Studio, Thailand

A two part immersive hand-building workshop in your own creative sanctuary. Invite friends to join you at home for a creative clay session. My sessions are adaptable to your space & occasion. Whether you have a studio or a cozy living room, I'll provide all the necessary materials for a memorable experience. 3-6 participants. Each person will create one or two pieces & you will explore pinching, coiling, and slab construction making one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your unique ideas.

$180 per person including 4 hours instruction, materials & firing

For larger projects & groups or one on one sessions, please contact Alice to discuss custom options & pricing

Clay Pot

Get In Touch

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Drop me a line if you would like me to notify you when new work becomes available.

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